Sestet and Chorus

Nemorino, Gianetta, Adina, Tomaso, Catarina, and Belcore


If you intend to stay with us, before you’ve been a day with us,
You'll learn the proper way with us, of saying what you say with us.
Each speech should have a pun in it, with very foolish fun in it -
And if you can’t bring one in it, you’d better stop away.


Rule, rule, of where you've been intruding to -
Fool, fool, learning please begin,
You’ll, you’ll learn to be alluding to
The neighbourhood of Chancery Lane as “Skid a ma Lincoln’s Inn.”

And when of punning speech, you know, the end you nearly reach you know,
Experience will teach, you know, a comic song to screech, you know;
And laughter to enhance, you know, each song must have a dance you know -
A needful circumstance, you know, a dozen minutes long!


Rule, rule, enjoyment not diminishing,
Fool, fool, booby, booby, boob;
You’ll, you’ll learn each ballad finishing
With a flip-up in the Skidamalink, and a flip in the juben-jube!


A soldier of his rank, you know, whose spurs and sabre clank, you know,
Won’t condescend to thank, you know, advice so very frank, you know -

Gia and Cat: (aside) 

Of all eccentric villages on whose productive tillages
He’s made his martial pillages, this is the oddest far!


Cease, cease, superfluous admonishing,
Please, please, allow me, ma’am to say
These, these syllables astonishing -
“Hunky-dorum doodle diddle day."


Cease, cease superflous admonishing,
Please, please allow the man to say
These, these syllables astonishing (And please encore 'em)
"Hunky-dorum-doodle-diddle-dum day!"

Women: If you intend to stay with us ...etc
Men:   Cease, cease, superfluous admonishing ...etc