Aria - Nemorino

Nice men, these soldiers, for a quiet town!
Theyíve turned Adinaís noddle upside down.
She hardly speaks to me since here they came
And all the other girls are just the same.
The fellows ogle in a shameful way
And stalk about the hamlet all the day.
With glass in eye, which they imagine swell is -
Those eyes in glass make me extremely jellies.
To make the thing as pleasant as can be,
Sergeant Belcore's billeted on me!

He shares my room and wardrobe, and I sup with him.
Iíve only one room, so I must ďput upĒ with him.
When he gets up he uses, every day,
My toothbrush in an aggravating way.
My shirts and boots he looks on as his own,
And snores all night like a worn-out trombone.
This is a hamlet, as Iíve said before,
But this is not the Castle of Elsínore.
Well, Iíll be even with him eíre I go,
If irritating tricks can make me so.