Trio - Adina, Belcore, and Nemorino

Adi:    Marry me, carry me, off we go, my hand Belcore take!
Bel:    I fear, my dear, this party here, objection has to make!
Nem:    Agony!  bragany more I canít, for utterly Iím put out!
Bel:    I see that he, decidedlee, is done, without a doubt.
        Only say, youíll name the day,
        Delaying it were folly, O!
Adi:    Of this weíll speak on this day week,
        And all will then be jolly, O!
Nem:    I thought that she was fond of me,
        But now she loves this Pollio!
Bel:    It pleases me, a wee to see,
        This party melancholy, O!
Bel:    (to Nemorino) 
        Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, bakerís man,
        Get ye gone as soon as ye can.
Adi:    (to Nemorino) 
        Understand, you're in the way,
        So get ye gone to Botany Bay.
Adi and Bel:     
        Botany, Botany, Botany, Botany,
        Get ye gone to Botany Bay
        Discarded Nemorino!