Patter Song - Dulcamara


Buy my goods, as Iím advising
Buy for microscopic sum,
	(For its cheapness is surprising,)
My Odontolagicum!
	Evíry shilling that you venture
Half-a-guinea you may call --
	If you spend it on debenture,
It will go for good and all.

Buy my ribbons and my laces,
Buy my Oriental vases.
Won't you try my products? I have almost anything you need.
Do you need a set of dishes?
Would you like a couple fishes?
I have everything for every sort of deed.

Buy my rugs and buy my jewels,
Buy my pistols for the duels,
Buy my books and my tomatoes and my spices.
Buy my clothes and buy my mats,
Buy my poison for the rats.
I know you'll find I have the lowest prices.


Yes, we'll buy as youíre advising,
Buy for microscopic sum,
For it's cheapness is surprising,
(What's "Odontologicum"?)
I don't know, but if we venture
Half a guinea, please recall,
If we spend it on debenture,
It shall go for good and all.