Duet - Nemorino and Dulcamara


Our lovers all desert us for these military swells,
And all alike, they’ve gone on strike, these fickle village belles;
We’ll lay it on thick as mud before we go to bed,
And “beautiful for ever” in the morning be instead.
For sham complexion is our aim,
Sham complexion is our aim;
We’ll put it on the latest thing at night, boys;
Tomorrow we’ll be fascinating quite, boys!

Both: For sham complexion ...etc


If you have any doubt about the truth of Doctor D.
You’ve only got to cast your eye upon the face of me.
A plainer man than I was once you very seldom see,
But now I am as beautiful as you could wish to be.
My sham complexion brings me fame,
My sham complexion brings me fame;
I lay it on the latest thing at night, boys -
In the morning, I am fascinating quite, boys.

Both: His sham complexion ...etc