Recit and Melodrama - Beppo

So I’m alone again! Once more alone!
Now for a highly intellectual tone!
Let me disclose at leisure all I feel -
Which I, to man, for worlds would not reveal!

My only confidants are foolish mutes, 
And sticks and stones, and uninspired brutes!
To use a Roman almanacky tone,
Whate’er from men I ’ide, to them is known!
Or would be - but some prying fool comes by,
And interrupts my grand soliloquy!
With them try to be confidential, comin’ it -
And be more definite - when they are dumb in it.
To this mysterious dress and visage blistery,
Some tale attaches - I may say, some ’istory.
Now to reveal it - if you're not unnerved -
Know, then, that I - but soft!  we are observed!