Duet - Nemorino and Beppo

Bep:   My woeful tale will make you quail,
       Excuse me if I whine!  (weeps)

Nem:   I donít suppose, that all your woes,
       Can nearly equal mine  (weeps)

Bep:   I said before, and now, encore,   
       As I just now observed -
       When I unveil my painful tale,
       Youíll surely be unnerved!
       Unnerved, unnerved, unnerved, unnerved,
Both:  {Heíll Iíll} surely be unnerved.
Nem:   I see, though foolishly he talks,
       He's sane, decidedlie,

Bep:   You never were, by many chalks,
       My friend, as sane as I -
       I'll tell you now, without a cram -
       But you will be unnerved -
       I am -- I am -- I am -- I am --
       But soft, we are observed!

Both:  Observed, observed, observed, observed,
       But soft, {We, You} are observed!