Quintet - Adina, Belcore, Tomaso, Gianetta, and Dulcamara

Adi:   We're all to be married today,
       In a way, you may say,
       That’ll be undeniably gay -
       Oh, tootle-tum tootle-tum tay!

Dul:   And the notary here in full fig,
       In a wig much too big,
       Will join us in jumping a jig -
       Oh, tootle-tum tootle-tum tay!

Adi:   He’ll turn about soon in a measure -
       So we’ll be admitting with pleasure
       This rotary notary into our côterie -
       Tootle-tum tootle-tum tay!

Bel:   You may open your wondering eyes
       With surprise at the size
       Of the joints and the puddings and pies
       Which are lavished upon you today!

Gia:   So, notary, please take a seat,
       For to eat of the meat -
       For you won’t often get such a treat -
       Oh, tootle-tum tootle-tum tay!

Tom:   Surrounded by roses and myrtle,
       We’ll stow within jerkin and kirtle
       Mock turtle, mock turtle, mock turtle, mock turtle,

All:   Mock turtle, mock turtle tum tay!

Tom:   Indeed, you’re exceedingly kind,
       I'm inclined - have a mind -
       And in fact, all along have designed,
       To join in your revels today.
       I’ll join you, indubitablee,
       If so be we agree -
       That it isn’t instead of my fee -
       Oh! tootle tum, tootle tum tay!
       I hope he don’t think that a pree-sent
       Of dinner reduces my decent
       Sum total, sum total, sum total, sum total,

All:   Sum total, sum total tum tay!