Recit and Song - Adina

Oh, am I not a dreadful little story,
To throw up Nemorino for Belcore?
My love to Nemorino back I'll carry -
Besides, the Sergeant canít get leave to marry.
Of money Nemmyís come into a store -
A coin-cidence that, and nothing more,
And doesnít influence me in the least.
(sees him) 
Ah, there he stands!  Oh, how my loveís increasít! 
(with great passion) 
Oh, how my love's increas't!

(suddenly remembers her cruelty) 

Ah, once he loved me blindly,
All other girls above.
I treated him unkindly
And sported with his love.
I smiled on others sweetly;
I would not tell him why.
I broke his heart completely,
A wretched girl am I! 
Ah, me! A wretched girl am I!

His head is turned with sorrow,
He hates his dearest friends.
I'll marry him tomorrow,
And then I'll make amends.
The grief with which he's laden
I'll lighten all my life.
A gentle little maiden,
A loving little wife!
Ah, me, I'll try to make amends!
Ah, me, I'll try to make amends!