ACT 1 - 03 - Duet - Buffalo and Fountain

  Fountain arrives and protests her upcoming marriage. Her father argues that this law has been written on Sacred Indian Tapestry and is therefore unalterable (because that it the first Law written on Sacred Indian Tapestry). He also points out that her living at Fort Gouting with her husband would help the tribe's faltering economy. She insists the tribe would be better off without their sham Medicine Man, Flying Squirrel, or his do-nothing ward, Dipping Daisy, but her father will not consider parting with his shaman.

Chief Buffalo:

You're a Princess. I'm a King.
We're in charge of everything.

Though the tribe's at our command,
When our wedding day is planned,
We've no say on heart nor hand!

Custom says that we must woo
Thinking only of our crew.
Surely you'll agree-

Fountain: Not true!


Royal life brings contradiction.
Power, absolute, is fiction.
Though, our words, all must obey,
When we marry, we've no say.


Use your power. You're a King.
Let the birds of progress sing.

It's archaic and deranged
When a marriage is arranged.
Look around you. Times have changed!

I'll not sing the wedding chant.
There's good reason for my rant.
Surely you'll agree-

Chief Buffalo: I can't!


Royal life is consternation,
Bearing thoughts of abdication.
Circulus in probando!
Time to marry - off (she'll/I) go.