ACT 1 - 04 - Recit & Aria - Fountain

  Left alone, Fountain bemoans her fate - but not before hinting that Sacred Indian Tapestry can work in her favor too.


Must I accept this insult dealt to me,
A personage of highest royalty?

I've waited many long and lonely years
For some enlightened brave who'd share my fears.
And after all, I understand
That I must give my heart and hand
To any lowly soul who volunteers!

Inside I boil with dark and heavy fume.
I'll not be reconcil-ed to this doom,
It's but unparalleled abuse,
To be a pawn within a truce,
And coldly given to an unknown groom!

Yes gods, have pity on your child, I pray,
This aging Princess growing weak and gray,
Who's sent from home and sent from friend,
As but a tool for wartime's end,
And from her world to sigh and fade away!

(exit Fountain)