ACT 1 - 07 - Recit and Patter Song - Flying Squirrel

  Gushing Fountain confronts Dipping Daisy on her guardian's teachings. Flying Squirrel enters just in time to defend himself.


My Guardian's pow'r is good and great.
His magic's true. There's no debate!


Yes! Yes! His pow'r is good and great!


Yes! Yes! His pow'r is good and great!

(enter Flying Squirrel)

Of course, my pow'r is good and great!

        Patter Song - Squirrel

I am your shaman, a master of medicine,
Kinder than Beecher and smarter than Edison.
I've special talent, divine, esoteric, a
Magic unmatched in the mists of America.

I lead two spiritual bi-plane existences
Managing both with the slightest assistances.
Let me assure, though it sounds egotistical,
I'm the last word on all matters of mystical!

Oh, my powers connect the revealed and unseen
Like a great supernatural bathing machine
And as into the spiritual waters we plunge
All the barriers marking the two, I'll expunge!

Squaws: Oh, his powers connect...etc.

I've mastered studies in parapsychology,
Horoscopes, healing, and astro-biology.
Simply employ me or study my history.
Why I'm your sorcerer won't be a mystery.

Rain won't diminish and gardens will germinate.
Game won't succumb to our to need to exterminate.
Cloudscapes and star shapes will keep to their hovering.
Nature obeys my commands, you're discovering!

Oh, the world's a gargantuan marionette
With invisible strings you can finger and fret.
If you know where to find them and which ones to ply
You can govern the earth and the sea and the sky!

Squaws: Oh, the world's...etc.

Shameful and shabby, I'd be, if misleading you,
Preying on ignorance, cock and bull, feeding you.
Though I believe ev'ry soul should be skeptical
Throw all your doubts in the nearest receptacle.

Watch how the burning of coals is like clay to me.
See how the bee sting and snake bite are play to me.
Witness the aura of charms that eject from me.
Wonder as curses and hexes deflect from me!

Oh, so many have said that the spiritual world,
From our earthy domain, can be duly unfurled.
The reverse is the truth and it's not as mundane.
For the earth is unfurled from the spiritual plane!

Squaws: Oh, so many have said...etc