ACT 1 - 09 - Song - Running Rooster

  Running Rooster, the tribal messenger, returns from Fort Gouting where he has just given Chief Buffalo's terms for truce to the Cavalry.


Your messenger approaches, Sir,
He brings the news we seek.
Let every tribal care defer
Until we hear him speak.

(enter Running Rooster)

Oh, tell us, tell us, all the news!
Oh, tell is how the white men choose!

Chief Buffalo:

Come tell us all you saw and heard.
Omit no facts, I beg of thee.


I'll take advantage of your word
And do just that, your majesty.

When I approached the Gates of Gouting
With my white flag supported high,
As I got near, I started doubting
If I'd a chance of getting by.
But opened wide the Gates of Gouting.
Unharmed I passed but then, alack,
I must admit I started doubting
If I'd a chance of getting back.

Braves (with Buffalo, Squirrel, Canoe, and Daisy): He must admit ...etc.

I was escorted to the lodging
Of their Great Chief without abuse.
Without the earnest matter dodging,
I gave our modest terms for truce.
As I named each consideration,
They grew encouraged and took heart
But they were robbed of their elation
When I explained the wedding part.

Braves: But they were robbed ...etc.

They gasped and shook and started pouting.
Too clear, it was, at any rate
There wasn't one in all of Gouting
Who could be ordered to that fate.
Then came without the slightest warning,
Ensued by shouts and cheer on cheer
With both his fate and fortune scorning
Some fool advanced to volunteer.

Braves: With both his fate ...etc.

What can I say, your royal highness?
What can I say, your grand despot?
I'd say this man is manners minus
Or he sees something we see not.
So I expect your noble power
Will be agog to understand
That he'll be here this very hour
To claim your daughter's ample hand.

Braves: So we expect ...etc.