ACT 1 - 010 - Song - Private David Davenport

  The volunteer arrives. To Daisy's horror, it's her boyfriend David. The tribe enters to greet him.

Chorus of Braves and Squaws:

Oh, happy hour, oh, happy day
A time of peace is on its way.
A volunteer has come at last.
The days of fear are nearly past.
This thoughtful deed, this fruitful act
Will bring the peace we've sorely lacked.
A member of the Cavalry
Is Fountain's husband-soon-to-be.

(enter Private David Davenport)


I've come in good sincerity,
No motives underlie.
I've marital temerity
And here's the reason why:
I'd see our troubled world turn nice
With peace spread far and wide
So I will be the sacrifice
With Fountain as my bride!

All: So he will be ...etc.

I greet you here with words of trust,
Intentions, brief but true.
I'll brave the wedding, as I must,
To gain a truce with you.
To bargain peace for everyone,
I'll spell my certain doom.
I've nerve and honor matched by none
For I'll be Fountain's groom!

All: He's nerve and honor ...etc.


Men: (I've/he's) come ...etc
Women: Oh, happy hour ...etc.