ACT 1 - 12 - Act I Finale

  David and Daisy are interrupted by the Royals and David fawns over Fountain until she actually believes he's been magically sent to her (and Squirrel has honored his contract). She also finds herself mysteriously attracted to "a man in uniform." She accepts him and the two leave to prepare for their marriage.

Daisy pleads with Squirrel to use his influence to interrupt the upcoming wedding ceremony and get the marriage postponed until the next day. She makes believe she just wants one more day to enjoy David as a single man. She cannot confess that they are going to elope for then, she knows, Squirrel must marry Fountain, himself. Squirrel is unsettled by the idea and the marriage ceremony begins as Daisy drags him off.

Braves: (setting up banners and skins)  

We're regulation Indian Braves.
We're strong and bold. We're clever Knaves.
We'll usher in the wedding lore
And let the doves of peacetime soar.  

Squaws: (setting up beads and flowers)
The union is approaching fast.
The knot is gold. It's made to last.
The bride and groom will soon be one
And shall be torn apart by none.
The wedding time has come at last.
Let cheers and joyous tidings sound.
Their single lives are nearly past
And peace and love will soon abound!


We thank the Heavens for this boon.
Let praise and gratitude begin.
To Grandpa Sun, to Grandma Moon,
To Mother Earth, and by-gone Kin.

(David, Fountain, the Chief, Rooster, and Canoe enter. The tribe rises to greet them.)

Yovasqatsi! Yovasqatsi! Yovasqatsi!


I am resigned. We shall be one.
I never thought I'd see the day.
The groom has beauty matched by none
And so I might as well give way.
The six:
The sparrow leaves her welcome nest, fa la la,
Her wings are put to nature's test, fa la la,
And when her wings and mind have grown, fa la la,
She'll start a family of her own.
The nest is bare. The bird has grown
To start a family of her own.
Fa la la!
We shall be happy, Spring and Fall.
Our destined future greets us now.
Our wedding brings true peace for all
And that should be enough somehow.
The six:

The bear cub leaves his welcome den, fa la la,
His limbs are still unsteady then, fa la la,
But when his limbs and mind have grown, fa la la,
He'll start a family of his own.


The den is bare. The bear has grown
To start a family of his own.
Fa la la!
(Tribal Dance)

(enter Squirrel and Daisy)
Hold! Ere the wedding knot you tie,
Our Flying Squirrel begs you pause.
He has a potent reason why
This wedding must be stopped.
Gushing: Because?
Barking: Because?
Rooster: Because?
Canoe : Because?
Squirrel: Because...
There is a special god, Ka-Dink, of inter-racial marriages.
He's twelve foot ten of glowing pink and rides in bird-drawn carriages.
He's very strict and must approve of any Indian wedding plan
Involving unknown personage from any other tribal clan.
Chorus: (frightened) And Davenport's not of our clan!
Ka-Dink has chosen sunrise as the time to best enlighten us
And if the groom’s integrity is something that would frighten us,
He'll show his anger through the sun and give it orange brilliancy
But other-wise, if all is well, he'll leave the sunrise alter-free.
Chorus: We want our sunrise alter-free!
If any wed without his word, he’ll view them, reprehensively
And any present for the vows will be involved extensively.
Their crops won't grow, their health will fade, their minds will grow dissolved and vague
And all will get a sample of the black and blue and purple plague.
Chorus: We're never had the purple plague!

We must consult the god, Ka-Dink!
I've never heard of what's his name. I ridicule his practices.
I scoff these threads of wrath the same. I hurl them to the cactuses.
As much as you, I eagerly await to see you married off
But purple plagues, you must agree, are not the sort of things to scoff.

Chorus: Yes, purple plagues...etc.

FUGUE - All Principals

There's no such god as he has stated.
So must my wedding be post-dated?
Now after all these years you've waited,
Your patience is so quickly grated.
My words and warnings won't be baited.
On gods of wrath, I'm educated.
Fountain:                                                                 Chorus:

Your hollow head is thickly plated.                      Yovasqatsi!
Your words and warnings, falsely traited.
(The tribe takes down the wedding decorations in a panic.)

Arrow and Feather:
The wrath of gods is highly rated
And sad the lot of those they've hated.
You must be patient ere we're mated.
We cannot chance a bond ill-fated.
Fountain:                                                                 Chorus:  

Oh, now I see the truth, belated.                           Yo- vas- qat- si!
Your love for me is over-rated.
You hear our wedding is post-dated
And jump for joy in bounds elated.
Daisy:                                                                         Chorus:

The anger that you've emanated                            Yo- vas- qat- si!
Should hastily be terminated.

We cannot have the tribe gyrated
To guarantee you're quickly mated.
My fear of gods is quite inflated.
I've never ever stopped or waited.
I've never even hesitated
To do my duty as they've stated.
His words are not to be debated
Ka-Dink's commands are consecrated.
His sentiment's communicated
And so the vows should be post-dated!
Chorus: Yes! Yes! The vows should be post-dated!

(consoling Fountain)
Take heart, my love,
The gods above
Are known for interfering.
Their giant race
Both good and base
Is wholly domineering.
If you would pause
You'd find no cause
To act disturbed or harried.
In one more day,
You'll have your way
And then we'll both be married.
All: In one more day... etc.
The marriage will be postponed
Until tomorrow, at least,
And if the union's condoned
Then on with the wedding feast!
All: And if, and if, the union's condoned then on with the wedding feast!

           Yovas! Yovas! Yovasqatsi!
Oh, hail Ka-Dink! We're in your pow'r.
We'll wait until the morning hour.
We'll see your wisdom shining through
And act just as you'd have us do!
All: Oh, hail Ka-Dink ...etc.
David and Fountain:
Oh, love, my love,
No magic wand,
No god above,
Could break our bond.

(David switches to Daisy)

David and Daisy:
Oh, love, my love,
No magic wand,
No god above,
Could break our bond.


(to Squirrel)
Oh, charlatan! Oh, charlatan!
I'll break your bones and gnarl a ton!


(to Fountain)

Oh, blasphemy! Oh, blasphmey!
You're much too lower-class for me! 

All: Oh, hail, Ka-Dink ...etc.
David and Daisy: Oh, love...etc.
Fountain: Oh, charlatan...etc.
Squirrel: Oh, blasphemy...etc
(All kneel and bow their heads to the ground. Gushing Fountain stands in disbelief. David and Daisy secretly kiss in the back.)