ACT 2 - 01 - Chorus of Squaws

  Scene: The same, the next morning. The squaws are heralding the nuptials Gushing Fountain and David Davenport.

What other sight is more endowed with tenderness and charm
Than of a lover and his bride-to-be when arm in arm?
Oh, who would find it hard to tell they anxiously await
The ever-lasting wedding knot to bind them on this date.
David: Love, I find you quite enchanting.
Fount: Oh, the soft soap, you're implanting.
David: Dear, to be with you is rapture.
Fount: Oh, the phony mood you capture.
David: Doll, won't married life be charming?
Fount: No, your words are not disarming.
David: Sweet, your gentle words are honey.
Fount: Please, such blarney isn't funny.
David: Tell me why you act so sour!
Fount: Pet, I loath the wedding hour.
David: Would you hurt your faithful lover.
Fount: Wait until the wedding's over.
David: How your bitterness is flowing.
Fount: Time to reap what you've been sowing.
David: Please, your sentiments are crushing.
Fount: Take it from your loving Gushing.
Squaws: What other sight is more endowed ...etc.
David: Love, I find you ...etc.
Fount: Oh, the soft soap ...etc.