ACT 2 - 02 - Song - Fountain

  Fountain is upset with David for supporting the postponement of the wedding. David reminds her that twenty-four hours is still a relatively short engagement. Fountain says she's waited long enough.

Every maid, deep inside,
Wants a Prince Charming's side
As a blushing young bride
And that can't be denied.
Squaws: That's convincing and sound
                  And desired all around!
To be taken as wife
In the prime of her life
Is a value and strife
That's exceedingly rife.
Squaws: That is certainly true,
                  Contradicted by few!
To whole-heartedly steer
To the vision so dear,
To be wed without fear
To a man who's her peer
With a shout and a cheer
In the Spring of her year.
Have I made myself clear?
Squaws: With that sentiment, we're
                  All in concord. Hear! Hear!
But when years and years fade
And throughout your crusade
You have only been staid
As a blushing bridesmaid...
Squaws: That's a terrible thought
                  Uncondition'ly fought!
Then it's hard to atone
When you're aged to the bone
And you've come to be known
As a blushing old crone.
Squaws: That's an e're dreaded fate
                  To which we can relate!
So it should not surprise
That a maid who is wise
Unrelentingly tries
For connubial ties
With the tricks that comprise
From intrigue to disguise
Ere her youthfulness flies!
Squaws: With that sentiment, we're
                  All in concord. Hear! Hear!