ACT 2 - 03 - Recit and Aria - Daisy

  Left alone, Daisy starts loosing faith in David's plan.

Oh, what a state of things.
Oh, what a trial for lovers.
Is this what passion brings?
Is this what love uncovers?
Stand forth, ye gods to whom we pray.
Explain your actions on this day.
You see my lover torn from me
And stand and watch it helplessly!
I see him pledged for days to come
While I remain unseen and dumb.
I fear he'll give his wedding band
As but I bridesmaid I must stand.
From tortures cruel and wild
I'd rather suffer any other
Than to have my love defiled
As he is plighted to another.
Oh, honored gods, to whom we pray,
You're blind to our despairing.
You let us struggle in this way
While you look by, uncaring.
Oh, hear my pleadings, gods above,
Give satisfaction to my love.
I've suffered more than needful be
If you would listen to my plea.
From tortures cruel and wild ...etc