ACT 1 - 09 - Song - Captain Ajax Ferguson

  Captain Ajax Ferguson steps forward.

A serviceman's life is exciting-
           -exciting! (chorus)
With thrills and adventures delighting-
          - delighting!
The danger of foes never scares us-
          -ver scares us!
We vanquish the villain that dares us-
          -that dares us!

We are always prepared to complete any task
And if not for the frightening Indian mask,
We could all proudly state that you all could be sure
We've arisen the victor of every war!

Soldiers: We are always ...etc.

When trumpets sound tan-tan-ta-ra-ra-
We would march through the alps or Sahara--
Our steady bravado, courageous-
Has influence wildly contagious-

We perform derring-do on our wing footed steeds
And our souls are resplendent from virtuous deeds.
We are laden with duties that gallant men ply
And are fittingly honored with gay revelry!

Soldiers: We perform derring-do ...etc.