ACT 1 - 09 - Recit & Song - Flying Squirrel

  Flying Squirrel whines about his work.

Flying Squirrel:

Once more I've preyed upon their superstitous nature.
It never fails but still it gets to be annoying.
I make up answers left and right to guard my standing
Until I'm shaken by their stern interrogation!

Oh, confusion, oh, base, sad and sorry the case
Of a wizard who'd earn a good living.
So his talents are few and his power's untrue
Does that warrant hysteric misgiving?
If you leave me alone, I'll be sure to atone
And put on a good show if you'll let me.
But inspect all my works, my short-comings and quirks
Then you're bound to find cause to regret me.

If my works, you inspect,
Scrutinize and disect,
You'll be sure to find cause to regret me.

I'll be honest and brief on the common belief
Of the value of magical dealings.
Take the slightly inclined to read horoscopes kind
Unconfirmed in their spiritual feelings.
If they see a cat, black, or a mirror they crack,
They have tendencies towards the neurotic.
But explain all your powers, that you spell by the hours
Then they looks at you like you're psychotic.

Watch your vanity fade
When you mention your trade
And they look at you like your psychotic.

Take a native, instead, who will vow by his head
He believes in the parapsychotic.
It's the easiest deed if you wish to suceed
To convince him you've powers, despotic.
You'll get water and food and what-e'er suits your mood,
All your needs and caprices, comprising.
You'll get shelter and clothes and what else, heaven knows,
If you promise to keep the sun rising.

All the favors, they'll grant,
To imagine, you can't
If you promise to keep the sun rising!