ACT 1 - 12 - Bridal March

  Daisy, in a last furious effort, tells Squirrel that if he does not expose himself before the wedding, she'll expose him after. Then he will not be able to marry Fountain and will suffer the full wrath of the tribe.

The wedding Ceremony begins again.

(Enter Cavalry, Braves, Squaws, followed by Buffalo, Rooster, Fergason, David, and Fountain.)


Hail the groom and hail the bride.
Let the lasting knot be tied.
Hail the bride and hail the groom.
Knot that lasts until the tomb.

(enter Squirrel from back)


May the gods and muses bless them
While great streams of love caress them.

Braves: May the years of joy unfold-

Squir: Hold!

Cavalry: Years of love and bliss untold-

Squir: Hold!

Braves: Years of rapture, years of gold-

Squir: Hold!

Cavalry: Till they're very very old-

Squir: Hold!

Hold! Hold! Hold!

How I hate to interrupt
But I'm forced to be abrupt
For the words that I must say
Are permitting no delay.


What do you mean? What are you saying?
Why do you shudder so?
What words permit of no delaying?
Confess and let us know.