ACT II - 13 - Song - Squirrel

  Squirrel, in a panic, confesses.


For years and years I've spelled and chanted, to work a curse or charm.
That I could spell, you took for granted. I felt this did no harm.
But burdened by a guilt, unruly, I now must undertake
To tell you all that I am truly, a charlatan, a fake.

This sorcerer's been long respected but now he's on the wane.
His mind is strangely disconnected. I fear he's gone insane!

Please understand, I'm not demented. I've never cast a spell.
But now it's time that I've repented, confessing all as well.
In short, all nature's great sensations, the wonders that I claim,
If I forgot my incantations, they'd all go on the same.

I'm taken back by what he's saying. I can't believe my ears.
For nature's charms, he's done the braying and done so all these years.

So, over-pow'red by guilty feelings, I've told the truth for once.
In supernatural crafts and dealings, I am the meanest dunce.
I never more will fake my chanting. I'm pull my weight as all.
I hope my pardon, you'll be granting and answer to my call.

And so we learn his double dealings. We see the truth at last.
Inspite of all his stern appealings, we can't forgive his past!