The Indian Princess
The Private and the Squaw

Text John Spartan       Music Scott Farrell

Opening Chorus of Braves

Song - Chief Barking buffalo

Duet - Barking Buffalo and Gushing Fountain

Lament - Princess Gushing Fountain

Chorus of Squaws

Song - Dipping Daisy

Patter Song - Flying Squirrel

Song - Tipping Canoe

Song - Running Rooster

Song - David

Duet - David and Daisy

First Act Finale

Opening Chorus of Squaws

Song - Fountain

Aria - Daisy

Duet - Daisy and David

Chorus - Cavalry

Song - Captain Ajax Ferguson

Duet - Buffalo and Ferguson

Trio - Squirrel, Rooster, and Buffalo

Song - Flying Squirrel

Duet - Daisy and Canoe

Duet - Squirrel and Daisy

Bridal March

Song - Flying Squirrel

Second Act Finale