(enter Buffalo, Squirrel, and Rooster and Fox)
Capt:  Greetings, Chief!

Chief: (angrily) Greetings, tonight's entertainment! This visit is unexpected.
Capt:  We thought it would be a nice surprise.
Chief: A nice surprise? I don't suppose you realize what you've done.
Capt:  What we've done? What have we done?
Chief: You've gone against my most express wishes!
Capt: I don't understand.
Squir: Don't be hard on them, Chief. I'm sure they believe the wedding 
       took place yesterday.
Capt:  The wedding hasn't taken place?
Roost: I did tell them the wedding would be immediate. I don't think a 
       severe punishment is entirely in order.
Chief: I don't like my commands defied for any reason. I must be given
Capt:  Please, I beg of you, tell me! Hasn't the wedding already taken place?
Chief: No, the wedding hasn't already taken place. And my strict instructions
       that no white man was to enter our grounds until after the ceremony
       have been unforgivably ignored in the fullest!
Capt:  But we didn't know! Will that be taken into consideration?
Squir: Of course, Your Majesty will take that into consideration.
Chief: Of course, Your Majesty will not take that into consideration. 
       I'm very angry indeed!
Squir: (aside) And I'm very worried about a marriage that will soon have no
       reason to take place. (aloud) Chief Buffalo, listen, where will you
       send your daughter if you exterminate the inhabitants of Fort Gouting?
       Would that be a wise move? It would be to your advantage to be
       reasonable for a change.
Chief: I hadn't thought of those consequences. (to Captain) Captain, I am
       going to be reasonable for a change. I will attempt to deal with this
       situation rationally and mercifully although, having no previous
       experience in this area, I'm not entirely sure how it's done. 
       None of you will be allowed to leave the grounds until
       after the wedding ceremony. You will be kept under constant watch. 
       Only if something prevents the happy union-
Squir: -Which is entirely unlikely-
Chief: -Will you be punished. So be of good cheer. I have no intention of
        hurting any of you. Only if something goes amiss will you be burned 
        at the stake.
Soldiers: Burned at the stake!
Chief: There, there, you're getting excited - and I distinctly told you to be
       of good cheer. Why must white men openly contradict my every command as
       fast as I can speak them? Listen to me. You'll be given complete
       freedom but will not be permitted to leave Indian grounds until afer
       the ceremony. Is that so bad? We're a friendly race of primatives and
       when the wedding has taken place-
Squir: -notice he said "when" not "if"'-
Chief: -Then they'll be general rejoicing and lasting peace between our
       people. They'll not be a worry in the world for any of us (aside) 
       with perhaps the exclusion of one Indian Princess.