The Lady Pirates of Penzance

The Slave of Duty

With New Gender-Reversed lyrics by John Spartan
Written Under the artistic supervision of Rebecca Consentino Hains

Brittany Stanley, a well-read governess Mezzo
Scarlet, the Pirate Queen               Mezzo
Sandra, her lieutenant                  Soprano
Farrah, the pirate apprentice           Soprano
Wilona, the Sergeant of Police          Contralto
Mason   ]                               Coloratura Tenor
Edwin   ]      Sons of                  Baritone
Kent    ]   Governess Stanley           Baritone 
Ackerley]                               Hiccuping Role
Rupert, the piratical handyman          Bass-baritone

Chorus of Militantly Feminist Pirates of the Good Ship "Lost Virginity"
Chorus of Chauvinist Students, all Brothers and Booze-hounds
Chorus of Dizzy Lady Police formed from the Penzance Neighborhood Watch

Act 1 - A Rocky Seaside
Act 2 - A Moon-lit Chapel